swift 3 – swift optionals

the best way to take care of the optionals mark variable in the swift,

var lotSelected: Int?

if let lot = lotSelected {

always use “if let” sentence to check then use the new constant.


Download videos from Udemy

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SketchUp tips

選取物件(selecting objects):

drag from right to left,
all the objects across the selection.

drag from left to right,
only the objects completely inside the selection.


French Accents?

Accent Aigu: (é)
Option key + letter e. Followed by e.
Accent Grave: (à, è, ù)
Option key + ` (found in the top left of your keyboard, on the key with the tilde). Followed by a, e, or u.
Circumflex: (â, ê, î, ô, û)
Option key + letter i. Followed by a, e, i, o, or u.
Cedilla: (ç)
Option key + letter c. No additional letter needs to follow.
Trema: (ë, ï, ü)
Option key + letter u. Followed by e, i, or u.
oe ligature: (œ)
Option key + letter q.


An Example:
While holding the option key, click “e” once (just as if you were typing the letter “e”).
Release both the option key and e. Now say I wanted this accent I just produced to go above an “i.” I would type in an “i” in the same manner I normally would, except this time the letter would receive the desired accent.
At first glance, this all may be a little to much to take in now, don’t worry! Keep referencing back here if you forget which keys to use and you’ll be naturally typing accents even FASTER than when using a French keyboard.
These are all the skills I used to make typing French accents on mac computers.


Same Wifi network name caused TIMEOUT issue on OS X Lion

Today I went to my uncle’s place, and there was a SMC wireless router named “SMC”, and occasionally the Wifi name exactly same at my home.

My iPhone(4S w/ iOS 5.0.1) work out the issue very quickly(w/ the forget this network command), but my MBA cannot get back to old “SMC” network anymore(it’s will popup timeout anyway, and it’s seems you have no place to fix it), finally I found the following step to reset the Wifi setup.





# CAUTION!!! once you clicked the final continue button on the above last screen, the issue should be fixed, DO NOT continue anymore.