The way become a rich guy


A child ask a rich guy, ” uncle, why r u so rich? ”


The rich man sweetly said,



” when I was young,

my father once gave me an apple, but I sold it out,

then I figure out a way to buy another two in lower price,

and so on, then finally I got 4 apples.”


Then, the kid seems got some idea and said “oh~ uncle, I got it !!!”




But then the rich man said,

“haha, you don’t know anything!

after the apple event, my father dead, then I got everything from him,

that’s why I got rich!”







If you want to start you own business, don’t learn any experience from reading legend about successful person, since they’re best selling book, the story was not include many of truth but maybe lot of decoration to make the story sounds “yami”.

for instance, you won’t know Bill Gates’s mother is the member of board of directors of IBM in the legend book, so he got first big trade from there.

You may learned Warren Edward Buffett was visit NYSE on his age 8, but you probably never know that was his senator father took him there, and receipted by member of board of directors of Goldman Sachs Group.

That’s the things truth.


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