Mitch Albom: Detroit, broke but unbroken

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Hey America, we still get up, go to work, kiss the kids, believe tomorrow could be better.

Dear America,

Yeah, we’re broke.

But we got up this morning.

Yeah, we’re broke.

But we woke the kids. We went to church.

Yeah, we’re broke.

But we ate breakfast. We cleaned the plates. We called friends. We lit the grill.

Yeah, we’re broke.

But we carry on.

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The way become a rich guy


A child ask a rich guy, ” uncle, why r u so rich? ”


The rich man sweetly said,



” when I was young,

my father once gave me an apple, but I sold it out,

then I figure out a way to buy another two in lower price,

and so on, then finally I got 4 apples.”


Then, the kid seems got some idea and said “oh~ uncle, I got it !!!”

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1. 時間は、一瞬で過ぎていく。

Time passes by.

2. 今の涎は将来の涙となる。

Today’s slaver will drain into tomorrow’s tear.


3. 今日歩くのを止めれば、明日からは走るしかない。

Stop walking today and you’ll have to run tomorrow.


4. 一番現実的な人は、自分の未来に投資する。

A true realist is one who invests in future.



Sleep now and a dream will come out; Study now and a dream will come true.